Saturday, 15 October 2011

Meal of Last Resort

Thursday night was a rough one for me -- I had to finish an assignment late in the office and couldn't finish it until 9:15pm.

Then my colleagues and I took the train homeward bound. We went our separate ways getting off at our respective stops but I had the farthest to go back to Hong Kong side.

It was almost 10pm by the time I arrived at Hunghom Station in Kowloon and to avoid eating dinner too late, I decided to get a bite to eat.

However when I emerged from the turnstile I saw Maxim's fast food restaurant was already closed and so was Starbucks. The only dining option available other than standing at the 7-11 eating a cup of instant noodles or McDonald's.

I opted for the latter and was surprised to see the fast food place was still bustling at this hour.

Trying to pick something somewhat healthy to eat at McDonald's is difficult especially when the restaurant chain thinks it's making your life easier by only offering set meals that include large fries and a large soft drink.

I asked for a fillet of fish and milk and was asked to pay HK$22.50 ($2.89). I was flabbergasted to find I could not order a la carte and since the cashier had already punched in the button for a set meal would I like to have the fries anyway? And since when was a small carton of milk HK$9? At every other convenience store it's less than HK$8!

The dining area is made particularly dim in the place but as I sit down to eat my pathetic dinner I see lots of people, mostly young ones lining up for fast-food grub.

McDonald's in Hong Kong is doing a good job grabbing its market share in the city -- and the result is that more and more of us are going to get obese.

There isn't much awareness here about what healthy eating is which is why fast food chains aren't pressured like they are in North America to offer "healthier" options. Unless you consider a cup of corn a good alternative...


  1. When we were in China in April, we saw lots of McDonald's. McDonald's serves milk in China? Aren't a lot of Chinese in China lactose intolerant as in the US?

  2. Many people in China drink liquid yogurt you can buy in the supermarket or even yogurt popsicles which are quite good by the way.

  3. Isn't there a Tsui Wah near you? There isn't in my neighborhood -- but, OTOH, my neighborhood also have quite a few eateries (besides McDonald's) that are still open late in the evening! :)

  4. Well the whole point was to not eat too late... but I ended up eating junk food anyway!

  5. oh just once in a while won't hurt anyone. it is a fairly balanced meal, add an apple pie with it.