Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Race for Top Dog

It's now officially a two-man race for the Hong Kong Chief Executive position.

Both Henry Tang Ying-yen and Leung Chun-ying have formally declared their intentions and it's shaping up into an interesting race.

Tang is already out in the hustings, shaking people's hands and even allowing dogs to lick his face.

Meanwhile Leung gave an impassioned speech to appeal to the masses. "My mother had her feet bound when she was a child. The image of my mother walking with bound feet, carrying a load that weighed over 30 pounds, to and from the rundown plastic flowers factory for over 20 minutes on each trip, left an indelible print in my mind," he said.

He added each step he has taken up to this point "is like the step that my bound-foot mother has taken. It symbolizes my determination in pursuing my goals."

Leung is mulling taking his campaign out on the streets even though in the end it's a small group of elites who will be casting the actual vote. He wants to be seen as a man of the people while Tang will try to play down his wealthy upbringing as the grandson of a Shanghainese textile industrialist.

"I had no choice regarding my origin, but I can choose how I want to serve," Tang said.

It's also interesting to see prominent people already taking sides in the race.

In Leung's corner there's Shui On Group chairman Vincent Lo Hong-sui, Housing Society chairman Yeung Ka-sing, Dr Lo Chung-mau, head of surgery at Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong polar researcher Rebecca Lee Lok-sze and former chief secretary David Akers-Jones.

Leung has also declared he is not a member of the Chinese Communist Party and has not applied nor has he been invited to join.

In Tang's court, there's HSBC Asia-Pacific chief executive Peter Wong Tung-shun, former Monetary Authority chief Joseph Yam Chi-kwong and Bank of East Asia chairman David Li Kwok-po.

When Leung was questioned why he didn't have heavyweights among his backers, he replied he had no intention of showing off any "stars". "I need talented people who can perform -- rather than just those who voice support and then disappear right afterwards -- to join my governing team," he said.

And then there are animal metaphors abound.

Some are describing the race as being "between a wolf and a pig", referring to Leung's cunning and Tang's perceived stupidity. Both men diplomatically said the analogies were incorrect.

Leung said people would appreciate his honesty, while Tang declared that he was born in the year of the Dragon.

And now long-time Hong Kong resident Allan Zeman has weighed in in Tang's favour, calling it a "big panda versus baby panda" race.

"I would say Henry is a panda, because a panda is loveable. You want to hug him," Zeman said, while describing Leung as a baby panda who was "learning on the job, just about to mature".

Why are people giving them animal attributes?

The race will just degenerate into a zoo.

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  1. a comic political show. democracy with chinese character and mockery.