Sunday, 11 December 2011

Picture of the Day: Unfortunately Name

Actress Louisa So promoting products called Nipplesili...
I was waiting at the bus terminus the other day and saw a curious ad on one of the buses.

It said "Nipplesili" and a picture of a woman wearing silicone gloves that looked textured for better grip as well as products like food containers and non-stick cookware.

On the website, the company Elegant Window aims to "provide safe, high quality, valuable and innovative household products with extensive functionalities [sic] as well as beauties for a much better and improved standard of living."

That's all fine and well, using the latest technology to produce silicone products, but why is a company called Elegant Window producing products called Nipplesili?

That's unfortunate. The woman in the picture is actress Louisa So Yuk-wa who is considered the "Cooking Mistress" after winning the comedy cooking show "Beautiful Cooking".

But how embarrassing it must be to have her picture next to the word "Nipplesili"...

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