Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pictures of the Day: Christmas in Hong Kong

Toy Story aliens greet shoppers at Harbour City
Shopping malls around town are fully decorated with various themes, some executed brilliantly, others need a rethink, or they are cutting back budget-wise.

Last year Hong Kong Land which owns The Landmark had a fantastical display with a giant Santa and Mrs Claus decorated in a red suit of bonbons with skates on top of the fountain. Presents were suspended from balloons floating above shoppers.

However this year it created an intricate mountainous landscape and an electric train running through it. Hardly picture material unless you're a train fanatic.

Elements at Kowloon Station has a massive presentation and one wonders if the designer got the proportions all wrong because it seems like it barely fits in the space, taking up the entire floor to ceiling. In the middle hanging above is a giant chandelier and then below are several thrones... why so many? Or are they they four thrones for the children in Narnia? Actually there are more than four large chairs that no one can sit on because it's roped off. And then outside the column area is a tiny Christmas tree and then a gigantic box holding two silver rings. Is this a hint for men to propose to their significant others with Cartier just a few steps away?

Incomprehensible theme at Elements mall
And why are the reindeer upside down...

Anyway Harbour City is recycling the Toy Story theme used at its sister property Times Square when Toy Story 3 came out. So while it's a theme that's been done before, we particularly like the aliens with their Santa hats. Kids love Toy Story and so do the parents. However, some of my friends noticed while Woody was there, Buzz Lightyear was missing...

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