Sunday, 25 December 2011

Quote of the Day: Socialist Branding

China's propaganda czar Li Changchun is calling for more mainland publishing enterprises in the international market to further promote Chinese culture.

He made the remarks on Friday during a meeting with the publishers of the Library of Chinese Classics and publishing companies that have made significant progress in the global market.

"The publication of the library has shown the world the excellent achievements of the Chinese culture and the significant contribution the Chinese nation has made to human civilization," Li said.

He urged the publishing industry to make greater contributions to "promoting socialist cultural prosperity and building China into a socialist cultural power."

It's another effort to promote China's soft power abroad, but what does he mean by "socialist cultural prosperity"?

Even if a reporter asked Li for clarification on what he meant, he probably wouldn't know how to explain it and just repeat what he said.

But he really means make more money.

With the country's explosive economic growth in the last three decades, the Communist Party of China is trying to make sure it stays relevant these days despite its headlong rush into capitalism.

Hence the need to add the word "socialist" with "prosperity".

As Li is also chairman of the CPC Central Guidance Commission for Building Spiritual Civilization, it's only in his best interests to keep branding prosperity with socialism.

Because we all know, the more you say it, you'll eventually believe it.

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