Thursday, 26 January 2012

Picture of the Day: New Year Apples

Last night I went to the supermarket and saw these apples, each with a different New Year saying on them.

They were a bit more expensive than the usual Fuji apples, but what the heck -- it's only once a year.

Clockwise from top left:

年年有余 (nian nian you yu)
Hope you get more than what you wish for (bountiful harvest)

恭禧發財 (gong xi fa cai)
Be happy and prosperous

吉祥如意 (ji xiang ru yi)
Wish you good fortune

財源廣進 (cai yuan guang jin)
Hope wealth comes in all directions.

Hmmm... the ones I picked are all money-related!

But my favourite is 心想事成 (xin xiang shi cheng) or May all your wishes come true.

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  1. how about guo tai min an. that is most important.