Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pictures of the Day: Tai Po Waterfront Park

After days of chilly overcast weather, some sun!
Yesterday was a brilliant sunny day with temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius.

Near where I work in Taipo in the New Territories is a place called Tai Po Waterfront Park. On one side of it features a spiral lookout point, an insect house, bowling green and model boat pool and other gardens.

The Tai Po Waterfront Park offers a nice leisurely stroll
On the other are two paths, one for walking, the other for cycling. Walking almost right by the water (except for big jagged rocks and garbage) it was great to see many birds including cranes, kites and other sea birds diving into the water to catch some lunch in the sun.

The path is lined with young banyan trees, though probably not enough room was left between them to grow much bigger than they are now. There are also "pavillions", concrete structures to shield people from the natural elements. Partway through my walk I came across a tall sculpture of some sort surrounded by colourful plants and kumquat trees to mark Chinese New Year. Next to it was a section of yellow-covered stadium seating that didn't seem to have any obvious purpose.

Looking onto Taipo residential and industrial areas
As well along the way there are numerous signs reminding people not to smoke, to fly kites or battery-operated planes. OK we get it.

It's great to see a park here, but must it be so heavily programmed? Why not have an open space and people can do what they want? Or do they really have to be instructed on how to use a park?

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