Thursday, 9 February 2012

Picture of the Day: Hotel Lisboa's Collection

A ship carved out of jade
I went to Macau this evening and when I arrived at Hotel Lisboa, I was greeted by a massive collection of mostly jade carvings owned by Stanley Ho.

There are so many of them -- each of them probably several tons in weight -- that they could all fit in a mini museum, or definitely a museum wing.

The intricately carved jade ship complete with interlocking chains is mind boggling. How artisans actually carved that throws visitors in awe.

An old man carved from a tree stump
Or how about this elderly man carved from a tree stump, his sagely expression captured in his face.

However on closer inspection, especially on the old man, there is a layer of dust on his head...

I can't even imagine trying to clean these objects, but the dust has to go...

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