Sunday, 12 February 2012

Picture of the Day: My Melody

Ah, the 80s are back.

The power suits with giant shoulder pads are back, though of course in an updated design while the big hair is not.

Thanks to mainlanders we're seeing a resurgence of conspicuous spending, and UK band Duran Duran will be coming to town next month revisiting their hits like "Hungry Like a Wolf" and "Rio".

Hello Kitty has had enormous staying power here -- she still manages to melt the hearts of fans who are more than 40 years old -- whose names we will not disclose here.

But making a resurgence is My Melody as evidenced by this storefront window with the hooded bunny plastered all over b+ab in Causeway Bay.

The nostalgia is fun for five minutes, but surely designers can create some new characters? Or are we suffering from a brain drain?

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