Saturday, 24 March 2012

Breaking News: Hong Kong People Choose "None of the Above"

I voted in the mock poll for the next chief executive of Hong Kong yesterday.

The online site was down most of yesterday thanks to hackers, and so organizers extended voting on Saturday.

There were also several polling stations around the city and when electronic voting was down, the polling station used paper ballots.

Nearly 223,000 people cast their votes.

Interestingly the ballot included an option for "none of the above".

And it turns out some 54 percent of voters chose neither Henry Tang Ying-yen nor Leung Chun-ying. This was followed by nearly 18 percent for Leung, 16 percent for Tang and 11 percent for pan-democrat Albert Ho Chun-yan.

This clearly shows Hong Kong people are not pleased with the quality of the candidates as well as Beijing's meddling in the race.

But who are we to say? It's only a mock vote.

The real election is technically today (Sunday).

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