Sunday, 1 April 2012

Picture of the Day: Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung memorial concert poster
It's hard to believe but it's been nine years since artist Leslie Cheung jumped to his death from the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Central...

Earlier in the afternoon I saw some women on the MTR carrying bouquets of flowers with signs on them that were addressed to (哥哥 ("Goh-goh") or older brother.

It wasn't until around dinner time when I passed by Chater Garden next to the old Legislative Council building did I see a giant white stage set up and this sign: "I am what I am", a concert remembering the singer and actor and remembered today was the anniversary of his death.
Passing by Chater Garden where the concert was held tonight

Those women were probably putting those flowers next to the Mandarin to pay their respects to Cheung.

Meanwhile the memorial concert not only focused on his music, but also his movies and other television work.

His fans still miss him dearly after all this time... not only does it reveal his affect on others, but also that he was a consummate artist who is yet to be eclipsed.


  1. likely he is a victim of endogenous depression-a tendency to suicide. it is really too bad.

  2. We will never know why he committed suicide, which makes it all the much harder for his fans to accept his passing.