Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pictures of the Day: Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery

Miu Fat Buddhist Temple in Tuen Mun
Today my cousin and I took the West Rail to Tuen Mun to visit some relatives for dim sum.

The animal zodiac painted on the ceiling
When we were almost there, the train passed by this giant Buddhist temple with golden dragons encircled around giant columns. Next to it was a strange modern building that jutted out like a box with its flaps open.

It turns out my maternal grandparents and great grandparents have tablets enshrined in the temple and after lunch we headed there on a short taxi ride over.

The temple was built in 1950 and it is an artistic extravaganza inside. Many of the walls and even ceilings are painted with Buddhist imagery. On the first floor there's a relief of the animal zodiac on the ceiling, and then on the second floor is a very elaborate display of three large gold plated Buddha Sakyamuni who sit behind a glass case and the high-ceiling room features chandeliers, and floral and fruity offerings.

Three Buddha Sakyamuni sitting in the main hall
Behind them are rows of tablets where my ancestors are and we paid them a late Qing Ming visit.

The place is quiet and peaceful -- not to mention grand -- and it's no wonder my grandfather chose this spot to have him and his parents here.

We headed down and crossed over a walkway to the modern building next door that is the new part of the temple. It was officially opened in March 2010.

Here the architecture is nothing much to marvel over, but at the top you can have a panoramic view of Tuen Mun. People can also come here to have vegetarian food which we'll have to try next time.
Two of the many lotus flowers now in bloom

Nevertheless we were appreciative of the garden that is meticulously looked after, featuring Japanese carp, very old olive trees with twisted trunks, lotus flowers and even Buddha's hand bergamot, where the fruits look like fingers. They were quite fragrant too. No wonder there are so many butterflies hanging around this place.

Buddha's hand bergamot growing in the garden
Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery
18 Castle Peak Road
Lam Tei
Tuen Mun
New Territories


  1. a hidden gem in the new territories and hong kong too. need to find out more, let the tourists know.

  2. Yes it's not too hard to get to thanks to Hong Kong's transportation system that practically gets you everywhere. It is promoted on the HK Tourist Board site.