Thursday, 21 June 2012

Picture of the Day: Paper Bags

Gucci's top handle bag... in paper
I walked past this Gucci store at the Landmark today and there was something new in the shop windows.

The coveted stylish handbags were there -- but made for giants -- out of paper.

But not just any paper -- recycled paper.

On the window it says "Recycled Paper" in Chinese, English and Japanese to prevent environmentalists from shrieking in horror when they see this latest artistic creation.

The recycled paper version of the stirrup top handle bag
What's also interesting is that around the corner at Louis Vuitton, those window displays also use paper to make a series of men's shirts that are folded up, while in another smaller window there are a bunch of "flowers" made of paper. Mind you, there is no clarification about what kind of paper is used.

Are window dressers now jumping on the paper bandwagon? Or have they all caught the origami bug?

In any event it's refreshing to see the creative use of paper. And yes, recycled paper gets extra brownie points.

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