Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Beginning of the End of Occupy Central

The Occupy Central site under the HSBC headquarters
New York's Occupy movement disintegrated many months ago, but the one in Hong Kong is still going strong -- unless the courts decide otherwise.

The ragtag group has set up a bunch of tents, discarded couches, bookshelves, tables and chairs in the passageway under the HSBC headquarters in Central.

They have been there since October without the bank's consent and now the place is attracting homeless people and garbage; the activists are too busy working their day jobs to really "occupy" the place.

HSBC could have easily kicked out these people a long time ago, but was patient enough to wait until now to do it through the courts.

Yesterday the local court gave the Occupy Central participants two weeks to file their defense after HSBC filed to remove them through legal action.

The bank named the first of four defendants as "occupiers of the ground floor of 1 Queen's Road Central", while the other three include Mui Kai-ming, brother of late Cantonese pop singer Anita Mui Yim-fong and self-employed financial analyst Ho Yiu-sing.

The area is the bank's private property, but was designated a public space in agreement with the government in 1983.

It is the perfect place for an occupation since the place is already sheltered from the elements by the bank. However, the site has become more like a garbage dump with junk accumulated there for no good reason really.

The group originally had outrageous claims of getting rid of capitalism completely, losing the original meaning of getting the 1 percent to be more accountable for their actions.

The occupation will probably not end peacefully, with activists clinging onto their plastic tents as they are handcuffed by police... or will they give up and just pack up and go home to avoid their day in court?

We shall see.

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