Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Picture of the Day: Olympic Countdown

Langham Place's countdown clock
At Langham Place in Mongkok, the shopping mall is getting into the Olympic spirit with a countdown clock.

Of course it was Beijing that made these clocks a common sight around the capital over four years ago. Vancouver's mayor, who would later host the winter Olympics in 2010 was so impressed by them that he was only able to get one countdown clock placed in a prominent spot downtown.

The one at Langham is a clock and torch in one featuring the Olympics colours. It standsin the middle of a mini track with cut-out figures of different countries running around it.

Is there Olympic spirit in Hong Kong?

The city is bringing a pretty decent-sized team, competing in such events as cycling, badminton, athletics, fencing, gymnastics, judo, rowing, and swimming. Some are Hong Kong born, others originally from the mainland.

People still remember when Lee Lai-shan won gold in Atlanta in 1996 for sailing, and two silvers for table tennis from Ko Lai-chak and Li Ching in Athens.

The only problem is us trying to watch the games for free on television because iCable a subscriber-based broadcaster has the rights in Hong Kong.

Australia carrying the torch along the "track"
This seems to go against the International Olympic Committee's mandate of allowing as many people to view the Games as possible. But then again the IOC is all about money, and liked iCable's HK$120 million bid to become the official broadcaster.

Talks are still ongoing between iCable and ATV and TVB to broadcast 200 hours of the Games on free television, but with it starting only days away, it seems like a race against time.

We can only hope. 加油!

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