Friday, 20 July 2012

Still Fighting for the Have Nots

Remember Elsie Tu (杜葉錫恩)?

She's still very much alive and kicking at 99 years old.

Many may remember her as a social activist, former elected member of the Urban Council and former Legco member.

Her passion to help the underprivileged comes from her missionary days in China and when the Communists came to power she went to Hong Kong in 1951.

And so it was refreshing to hear from Tu with a scathing letter to the editor that was published today. She does not name names, but we all know who they are.

We are reading more now about tycoons who believe their wealth is their divine inheritance, and high-ranking civil servants, never content with what they earn.

It makes me angry when I read of their arrogance. They have no conscience when it comes to those who suffer from their greed, while they throw a few crumbs to the hungry, and care nothing for the degrading circumstances in which hardworking people live.

The sole concern of those who consider themselves to be part of this aristocracy is money, which they treasure for the enjoyment of their heirs.

The starving children, the elderly driven to scavenging on the streets, young couples unable to take out a mortgage for a small flat -- all these result from the greed of the tycoons who stoop to any means to raise the price of land and the cost of transport, utilities and food.

Some are tainted by corruption and corruption is now the curse of mankind.

I am old now, and often wonder how some old people manage to live without enough money to buy the little comforts that the elderly need.

Often they are left alone to suffer in pain.

Some survive on barely enough to keep them alive. But the tycoons say, "We must ensure that our wealth is passed down to our own family."

"Shame on you," I say.

Hear hear!!

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