Monday, 2 July 2012

Too Little, Too Late

Tsang seemed more interested in attainable goals than long-term plans
One more note about former Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen before we let him fade into the history books.

Critics say he didn't have much long-term planning as he was a career civil servant, more concerned about reaching attainable goals than trying to initiate projects that would benefit the city.

The other is his naive believe that poverty would be alleviated through the trickle-down effect. But he was completely wrong and only when he left office did he admit it.

"I used to believe that different social stratums could enjoy the fruits of economic development as a result of the trickle-down effect. However, there were discrepancies between the theory and reality," he said in his final question and answer period in Legco.

Social workers were frustrated by his simple thinking.

"I repeatedly told him over the years that the trickle-down effect does not work. It was too late for him to admit the problem," said Nelson Chow Wing-sun, a social work and social administration professor at the University of Hong Kong.

"His misjudgment is probably the main reason for the widening income inequality. Many Hong Kong people cannot earn more pay and a better position solely by relying on their own efforts. Public discontent is rampant... but he did not understand why."

Perhaps he didn't comprehend the situation because he was too busy hanging out with his tycoon friends on their yachts?

Yes decades ago through sheer hard work, people could earn money, and then save enough to buy property which propelled them into the wealthy stratum.

But now it is virtually impossible to slave away at your job and make enough money to buy a flat. Nowadays you need double incomes and then some. The only way to do it now is to have access to capital.

If you think you can do what Li Ka-shing did half a century ago, forget it. His virtual monopoly on Hong Kong (thanks to the government) has made it impossible for anyone to be like him again.

So give up on trying to be the next Li, which is what a lot of other people have done.

Instead they are trying to focus on having a relatively balanced lifestyle and try to live well than slave away.

However with the bad pollution levels in Hong Kong, how can people live the way they want?

Blame it on Tsang.

Now with Leung Chun-ying in the hot seat, we're all watching to see what he's going to do and where his real allegiances lie.

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