Friday, 31 August 2012

A Cop Out

Last night I passed by the HSBC headquarters in Central and was
annoyed to find the Occupy Central camp was still there.

It has now been five days since the bank got approval from the court
for the protestors to leave and four since the High Court reinforced
the order for them to leave.

On Monday evening just before 9pm there was an impromptu concert in
the public passageway, mostly young people dancing and singing, while
the media looked on and one police van nearby to see if there was any

Perhaps the police didn't want to cause a scene that night, but surely
they have an obligation to follow through on the court order or do
they think the Occupy Central people are not a nuisance when the rest
of us think they are?

Legally the bank has no other recourse now except to hope that the
police will eventually follow through and kick the protestors out.

Now it's the police who are lame. This is not busting a triad or a
drug ring – it's people who had their 15 minutes of fame and now it's
time to move on.

Could the police just do their job and then we can all go back to
regular programming?

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