Saturday, 25 August 2012

Where the Moon Don't Shine

Have fun with these "moon" cakes from G.O.D
Almost a month from now it will be Mid-Autumn Festival again and already hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong are advertising their mooncakes as the ones to give your friends and families as they gaze at the large full moon.

However The Peninsula Hong Kong experienced a major faux pas recently when there was a massive line for its famous mooncakes, the first to have egg custard fillings.

The problem was that someone near the front of the line ordered so many boxes that the people behind had no chance to buy them and the hotel had to apologize, saying all the mooncakes were already sold out.

Care for a moon cake that moons you?
Perhaps a number of the potential customers were mainlanders who wanted to ensure they got the real deal, but in any event, the hotel should have limited the number of boxes one could purchase.

Next year...

Nevertheless, may we suggest a cheeky version of mooncakes -- literally!

G.O.D. stands for Goods of Desire started by Douglas Young. It's a lifestyle store selling mostly furniture, but also products that have a slight retro feel.

In any event the store has branched out into edible goods, particularly mooncakes.

And these aren't the traditional ones with patterns of flowers or Chinese characters on top.

They are cakes that moon you in various forms, from buns wearing hot pants to the full monty.

So for a naughty bite into some hot buns, G.O.D.'s mooncakes may be the ones for you!!!

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