Tuesday, 11 September 2012

End of the Occupation

Breaking news folks -- the Occupy Central movement is no more.

Around 10.40pm I passed by the HSBC headquarters on the bus and saw that the bank had put down all of its gates around the property and inside the passageway had already been cleared out.

Security guards were standing outside every few metres to ensure no one could even get close.

The rest of the protesters, some 20 of them were moved out this afternoon, but not without resistance. One woman even dared to say that removing them and their property was illegal.

Excuse me? The court already ordered you to leave two weeks ago and yet you still stay.

Another woman tried to claim that the bailiffs were not following proper procedure by not posting the eviction notices prominently on the site.

Every other newspaper has published stories about the eviction notice and the bank has tried to be nice by helping you remove your stuff. What more do you want?

In the end the belligerent ones were carried out of the space, which is now in lockdown mode.

So that's the end of Occupy Central. The passageway under HSBC will now return back to normal.

What a relief.

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