Monday, 29 October 2012

Picture of the Day: Central Government Complex

Called "The Door", this building dwarfs people
Yesterday I took the 43X bus that goes from Kennedy Town to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. I'd never taken that bus before but thought it should pass by Admiralty where I needed to get off.

So I thought I'd get on and see what the route was like.

There's more greenery up there than expected
One of the stops was at the Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park which is next to the sports centre where I hear there's a fantastic public pool for swimmers.

And then the bus continues along the waterfront and stops right at the new central government complex that houses the Legislative Council. It's a towering thing that is an upside down U-shape so that it feels like doesn't hog the harbour view, but because of its hulking size it does.

We feel so tiny next to it that it's the same experience as standing next to government buildings on the mainland.

Perhaps architect Rocco Yim got some inspiration from Beijing in making us feel small and insignificant even though our tax dollars built it?

Unfortunately I was rushing to lunch otherwise I would have wandered around a bit more and taken more photographs.

But here are some for you to look at and check out the view from the overpass looking towards Central.

On the overpass looking over to Central
Civil servants there really have an awesome view.

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