Friday, 19 October 2012

Pictures of the Day: The Tao of Laughter

Shopping mall Harbour City is constantly looking for ways to draw customers in.

This time it has brought in Chinese artist Yue Minjun's large sculptures in front of the entrance by the Star Ferry.

These five sculptures have the Beijing-based Yue's signature laughing look, in various poses, or stages of laughing, probably out loud. They're pretty much naked, very muscular and only wearing some briefs.

The Tao of Laughter was inspired by Laozi's 6th century classical text on Taoism, known as Tao Te Ching.

When people are faced with problems, some either give up or avoid the situation altogether.

However, Laozi suggests all problems can be solved with laughter, so that they disappear without pain or heartache.

Through these sculptures, Yue hides the sad, bad or even dangerous feelings behind each smile.

Indeed many people enjoyed the pieces, taking pictures of them by imitating their facial expressions.

Yue's work is always good for a laugh.

The Tao of Laughter
Until October 23
Forecourt, Ocean Terminal

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