Saturday, 27 October 2012

Premier Wen is Harmonized

Poor Premier Wen Jiabao. He is person non grata in his own country when it comes to cyberspace.

Hours after The New York Times published its story on how his family have amassed some $2.7 billion through various investments, the Chinese censors went ahead and blocked not only the NYT website, but also many words related to the article.

When a word or phrase is blocked, it's considered to be "harmonized" (和谐) or he(2)xie(2).

According to China Digital Times, this is the list of words blocked by Sina Weibo:                             

- New York Times (纽约时报)
- Twist Times (扭腰时报): “Twist” (扭腰 niǔyāo, as in the dance) sounds similar to New York (纽约 Niǔyuē).
- NY
- New York Times
- New York SB (纽约SB): SB is the pinyin abbreviation for “Times” (时报 shíbào).
- 2.7 billion (27亿): The minimum amount of controlled assets (in U.S. dollars) held by Wen’s relatives, according the the New York Times.
- Wen + assets (温+财产)
- Wen + wealth (温+财富)
- Wen + prime minister (温+总理)
- Wen + family (温+家族)
- Wen treasure (温宝)
- Wen clan (温氏)
- Wen Party (温党)
- Wen Emperor (温帝)
- movie star (影帝)
- Yang Zhiyun (杨志云): Wen’s mother
- Duan Weihong (段伟红): Founder of Taihong, the company which served as the vehicle for Wen’s relatives’ shares in Ping An Insurance.
- Daimengde (戴梦得): Wen’s wife Zhang Beili’s jewelry company.
- Wen + diamond queen (温+钻石女王): Zhang has earned the nickname “diamond queen” for her role in the industry.
- Lady Wen (温夫人)
- Wen Yunsong (温云松): Wen’s son.
- Crown Prince Wen (温太子)
- Young Master Wen (温少爷)
- Zheng Jianyuan (郑建源): Wen Yunsong’s alias according to online rumor.
- China Satellite Communications Corporation (中国卫通): Wen Yunsong is currently chairman.
- New Horizon Capital (新天域资本公司): Wen Yunsong is one of the founders.
- Excellence Science and Technology (创优科技): Company founded by Wen Yunsong.
- Zhang Beili (张培莉): Wen's wife
- Wen Jiahong (温家宏): Wen's brother
- Grandpa Wen (温爷爷): One of Wen’s nicknames, earned for his public appearances with ordinary people.
- Prime Minister Wen (温相)
Any bets on how long these words will be blocked for?

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