Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Four More Years

The Presidential hug on winning the hard-fought election
We are relieved to find Barack Obama has secured a second term as the President of the United States of America.

The media had been calling it a neck-and-neck race which had many of us worried -- as it was down to the swing states.

But in the end Obama managed to secure most of the swing states, in particular Ohio to so far get 303 electoral votes versus challenge Mitt Romney's 206.

Four years ago he won a landslide 365 electoral votes over Republican John McCain's 173.

So it was much of a relief to Democrats to see Obama still in the White House.

Today reminded me of November 2008, watching the elections in Beijing.

I wrote about it on my blog here and still distinctly remember walking into the state-run canteen in the office I worked at and seeing a usually jaded American colleague grinning from ear to ear. "America is great again!" he exclaimed.

While Obama first campaigned on "change", his victory speech promised "The best is yet to come".

On the eve of the 18th National People's Congress, no doubt China's leaders are pleased to be dealing with someone they already know, but are hoping the anti-China rhetoric will stop.

And as Obama has already met soon to be President Xi Jinping, we hope this will bode well for Sino-US relations.

The two countries need each other more than ever before, and hopefully they set aside differences and work towards an economic solution to solve each others' fiscal situations, and bring an end to the horrific conflict in Syria.

Obama's unfailing optimism is infectious. He definitely feeds on people's enthusiasm and he gives it back to them in terms of hope.

May he continue to bring us more hope for "change".

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