Monday, 10 December 2012

Caught with their Pants Down

Xinjiang police chief Qi Fang is the latest official sacked for having mistresses
Now that the Chinese central government has vowed to crack down further on corruption, there seems to be a non-stop parade of disgraced officials exposed, with the latest one caught with his pants down.

This time it is a police chief in Xinjiang who was sacked after being accused of keeping twin sisters from a dancing troupe as mistresses. What are the chances of a man being able to find twin sisters as his modern-day concubines?

Qi Fang was head of the Public Security Bureau in Usu and was removed on Saturday from the Tacheng government which administers Usu.

The online post on the news portal alleged that the 31-year-old twins were employed by the PSB five months after Qi was promoted to police chief in June last year. One was made vice-captain of special operations, while the other was assistant police officer in the traffic department.

While there was no mention of them having any previous work experience with the police, we will probably assume they had none. Wonder what kind of assignments the vice-captain of special operations had to carry out?

The post also claimed Qi rented a luxury apartment in a posh area that was paid for by the bureau. How did he manage to swing that?

"An initial investigation... found that what internet users claimed was partially true," Tacheng officials told Xinhua. "The investigation is ongoing."

Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu was sacked late last month
We wonder what other misdeeds the former police chief has done...

Perhaps it's better to confess now than let others unravel the misdeeds for you...

However we are most amused by the story of Chongqing district-party secretary Lei Zhengfu who was caught on fuzzy camera phone having sex with his 18-year-old mistress.

Needless to say he was sacked too after his identity was verified. He is now being investigated for party discipline infractions and graft.

What is it with Chinese men and their mistresses?

One article in Foreign Policy suggests that perhaps mistresses can be used against officials in stamping out corruption, much like fighting fire with fire.

In the case of Lei, his mistress was a set up by a construction company that presented her as a gift in return for lucrative government contracts.

And here is the reason why he lost his job...
And to ensure they would get the jobs, she was instructed to secretly record the sexual encounters as a means of blackmailing him.

So if more of these videos surface, perhaps officials will be more wary of keeping ernai and end the practice that dates back thousands of years?

And the People's Republic of China claims it is so much more progressive than it was in Imperial times...

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