Sunday, 16 December 2012

Enough Drama Already

Festive lights are up in Victoria Harbour... but no cheer for Leung Chun-ying
Can we end the drama over Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying having illegal structures in his homes?

This morning the legislative panel to discuss Leung's illegal structures had to be cancelled because not enough members showed up.

Apparently lawmakers called in with flimsy excuses, from panel chairman Lau Wong-fat and Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee having sore throats to Michael Tien Puk-sun saying he didn't receive a reminder from Legco because his mobile phone wasn't working.

Uh huh.

People Power's Albert Chan Wai-yip, who arrived on time for the meeting believed the pro-establishment members didn't show up to avoid bringing further embarrassment to Leung before he goes to Beijing on Thursday.

The pan-democrats must be annoyed at losing another opportunity at finding more chances to grill Leung, but enough is enough.

He has been dogged by the scandal over illegal structures in his several properties ever since he took office.

Yes, he has illegal structures in his homes, but these are minor transgressions compared to Henry Tang Ying-yen's massive basement that he blamed on his wife.

While the democrats are calling for Leung's head, they seem to forget the other alternative at the time was Tang. Can we please keep in mind that Leung was the far better choice of the two?

So can we finally let Leung focus on governing Hong Kong?

And why not concentrate efforts on criticizing his administration for asking Beijing for an interpretation Hong Kong's residency laws.

We wanted someone who would stand up for the rights of Hong Kong and instead he's asking the Final Court of Appeal to tell us who the city should determine as residents, including foreign domestic workers and children born of mainland parents.

Shouldn't we instead have a court case to challenge the Basic Law and from there let our highly-respected judges help us interpret what Hong Kong's residency laws are?

This sets a bad precedent for Hong Kong, and we hope this will be the last time.

We are not children; we are a mature society with rule of law, something China doesn't have.

Surely we can figure out how to solve this issue on our own?

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