Sunday, 9 December 2012

Santa's Deal with the Jockey Club

We were surprised to discover that Santa Claus relocated his headquarters to Hong Kong last year so that he can be closer to the Pearl River Delta where the vast majority of his toys are manufactured.

That's according to CBRE, the commercial real estate services company with offices here.

As Mr Claus is "the world's leading toy distributor," the man in the red suit had to find a way to store his "global distribution mechanisms" which is a euphemism for reindeer.

So CBRE came up with a creative solution -- have the four-legged creatures housed in the Hong Kong Jockey Club stables.

The catch is that the reindeer have to race with the horses 11 months of the year...

Check it out:

Have you seen a big jolly man with a long white beard hanging around the city? He must find it unbearable during the hot humid summer...

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