Friday, 28 December 2012

Shark Attack!

It happened on December 18 but only now has the video surfaced -- a shark tank on the first floor of the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center burst for no apparent reason which left 15 people injured.

Here's the video:

Of the injured eight were customers and the rest were shop assistants and security staff. Most suffered minor cuts and bruises from the broken glass, though one man in his 30s had his leg broken from the falling glass.

While the aquarium was made of acrylic glass 15 centimetres thick, it is believed the frames holding the tank together wore out which may have led to the tank bursting.

Unfortunately the three sharks in the tank, around 30cm to 40cm in length, died after they were exposed to the elements. The tank also housed some turtles that also died.

The quote of the day? "We will not build an aquarium again in the future," said Chen Yongping, an official with the store's management.

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