Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cupcake Craze Goes Mainstream

TVB films a show about cupcakes at Complete Deelite in Central
Hong Kongers are not just fascinated with makeovers and learning how to get the guy to be attracted to you.

Now it's cupcakes.

Tonight on TVB there was an hour-long show devoted to making and decorating cupcakes -- oh sorry -- wedding cupcakes, as there were well-dressed young couples who were the studio audience sitting at small tables off to the side.

Meanwhile three women on stage talked about the different cupcake shops they went to, which ones they tasted and got a few decorating tips from the pastry chefs. Then in front of the camera they tried to replicate what they learned...

Perhaps what was even more bizarre was that these women were wearing nice dresses, one even in a strapless number, wearing high heels and baking! Is this supposed to signal the return of June Cleever?

What is going on with this cupcake craze? It happened in North America over two years ago and it's only arriving in Hong Kong now???

We find it amusing there is a whole cottage industry behind these cupcakes; either you can buy the finished products in the store, or you can go to a shop and buy all the necessary (or frivolous) accessories to make cupcakes from fancy paper liners to sparkly sprinkles to put on the cupcake or even fancy embossed rollers to create patterns on marzipan.

The hosts also invited the pastry chefs they interviewed to come on the show to give demonstrations and even had a guy and a girl who are not a couple to come on and talk about how they would like to have the engagement ring presented via cupcakes.

While the girl preferred a bunch of roses made of marzipan on top of cupcakes that surrounded a box also made of the sweet sugar confection, the guy wanted one giant cupcake and when the muffin top was lifted, inside was a ring pillow with a sparkly marzipan ring inside.

Awwww, how sickeningly sweet.

Many women may love cupcakes, but men must wonder if buying them cupcakes is the way to their hearts, that there is yet another expectation in the rules of romance that includes the expensive dinners, 99 roses and chocolates...

We also wonder how long this fad is going to last. Who has decent a oven at home anyway? And who's going to eat all these cupcakes that will only bring the onset of diabetes?


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