Saturday, 20 April 2013

Picture of the Day: Scan N' Shop

Check out the goods for sale at this Pricerite "store" at Admiralty MTR station
After coming out of the turnstiles at the Admiralty MTR station, there's a giant wall-sized ad for Pricerite, a homeware store that sells everything from light bulbs to bed linens, cleaning supplies and home appliances.

Choose a garbage can (or more) by scanning the QR code
There's a few items featured, such as shelving, garbage cans, tissue paper, toilet paper, and pots and pans. Next to each item is a QR code.

People are encouraged to scan the QR codes of the items they want, pay for them, presumably on credit cards and then the goods will be delivered to them.

I'd heard about this being done in South Korea two years ago. Here's the video:

With Hong Kong people being very busy too, we'll probably see more of these "stores" in the MTR soon...

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