Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Is Taboo for You?

Taboo is billed as "The show of secret fantasies" -- with tattoos
Macau is trying very hard to expand its entertainment offerings so that it's not just about gambling.

But unfortunately most of its visitors, mainland Chinese, are more interested in frittering away their red bricks of cash than partaking in some cultural enrichment.

For example there's the ongoing House of Dancing Water that is an insane mix of Asian culture, water performances, acrobatics and some motorbike stunts thrown in too.

Despite the bizarre storyline it's still drawing strong crowds.

Last year Cirque du Soleil's Zuma closed because it was so amateurish in production standards that the mainly Chinese audience was insulted by the Canadian troupe's arrogance in thinking it knew what they wanted to see.

Energetic dancing by scantily-clad performers at Club Cubic
But now there's a new show called TABOO at Club Cubic in City of Dreams.

We have to quickly add that it's not completely new, but a revamp of the show from last year.

New dancers were hired and new choreography and numbers, but for adults only as its tagline is "The show of secret fantasies". The marketing collateral shows the back of a woman in a black corset wearing stockings, platform heels and holding a whip.

However the actual show is not really seductive nor is it erotic -- but mostly dancers with not much clothing on.

Technically they are brilliant -- there is one sequence where men wearing nothing but black trousers and boots are dancing. And then it isn't towards the end do we realize some of them are wearing heeled boots and hence their sultry swagger.

Impressive pole dancing that's more physical than seductive
We were also in awe of the pole dancer who had an energetic performance moving up and down the pole in various poses and swinging around -- a physical feat you had to clap in appreciation.

Same with the male gymnast who hung from straps from the ceiling doing various moves with such strength and skill that one could only imagine his core must be as hard as a rock!

There were a few bits that seemed odd, like the bride stripping for her wedding night, and the tattooed female sword swallower, even though she was very flirty with the audience.

So we shall see if TABOO and its "secret fantasies" catch on... but with tickets ranging from HK$580 to HK$980 on weekdays and HK$680 to HK$1,180 on weekends, one has to wonder... who will pay to watch this?

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