Sunday, 19 May 2013

Time to Go Rice-less?

One more thing you cannot eat in China...
OK folks, another food item not to eat from China -- rice.

Food inspectors have found some rice tested in Guangzhou had excessive levels of cadmium. a heavy metal that ingested or absorbed in the skin can cause kidney failure, bone disease and other ailments.

Perhaps the more outrageous thing about this story is that at first officials refused to divulge which brands were involved and where they rice was distributed to.

However more details have come out, with inspectors saying six batches of rice were from Hunan province, and two batches of rice noodles from two processing plants in Dongguan, Guangdong.

Officials also finally provided the names of restaurants and schools where the rice products were distributed, but really too little too late -- the food has already been ingested. Now what?

Apparently the testing was conducted between January and March and the results were only released now. Even more puzzling.

One would think food safety involving this chemical would require staff to act more quickly, but it seems with the 18th Party Congress, there was some suppression of the news until after the change of leadership occurred.

Does this sound familiar? Five years ago with the melamine milk scandal that didn't erupt until after the success of the Beijing Olympics?

The government even has the gall to stress that the high proportion of tainted rice in the tested samples did not reflect the overall food-safety situation in Guangzhou because of the limited number of samples.

However, the highest cadmium levels of 0.4 micrograms per kilogram of rice is twice the national food safety standard.

Surely even such a small number of samples warrant some kind of alarm, and also that inspectors should be testing many more samples of rice?

This incident clearly illustrates the food safety situation in China and how inspections are lax or not enough, and even when tested, information is not released in a timely manner.

As one internet user in Shandong wrote online, "How can you requires us to trust... the government, trust the party, if you can't even give us the most basic health?"

The next thing mainlanders are going to buy in Hong Kong are sacks of rice...


  1. You do realize that the CCP is a joke, correct? They don't want to lose 'face', therefore waited until the party meetings is over. Then announced it is rice after fake/poisonous soy sauce, eggs, quail eggs, gutter oil, fake lamb, fake beef, fake skewers, gutter oil medicine tablets...

    I suggest avoid anything edible from CCP chinese given their lack of morality. Deviate at your own peril.

    1. Hi nulle -- It's just sad the Party still has not learned its lesson after the milk scandal and the number of edible things is shrinking so fast. However on the upside this may be a good thing because there are so many obese people there!