Friday, 10 May 2013

Zhang's Alleged Paternity Woes

Did Zhang's familial production include seven kids?
Does famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou really have seven children?

That's what the authorities are trying to figure out after Southern Entertainment Weekly published a report on Monday saying Zhang had two sons and a daughter with his second wife, Chen Ting.

He also has an adult daughter, Zhang Mo, 30, with his first wife Xiao Hua, whom he divorced when he started going out with Gong Li and made her into an international star.

As for the three other children, the People's Daily said there were reports he had them with two other women, but there were no further details.

If Zhang is found to have really fathered seven brood, then he could be fined 160 million RMB ($27 million), according to some local media.

First it needs to be verified if Zhang really does have seven children, and then where they were all born. If they were born overseas, then they don't really count. But it does bring up further questions of their nationality and where the director's patriotism lies...

It's interesting these reports are coming out now, and why? Zhang has his critics, claiming that he "sold out" to the establishment, as the 61-year-old was originally best known for directing movies that were banned at home, but popular overseas, such as Red Sorghum and Raise the Red Lantern.

But then he became a darling of the Communist Party, which invited him to direct the Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and garnered much attention and praise for the stunning spectacle.

Is there a vendetta out for Zhang or has he managed to hide his large extended family until now?

We wait for the results with baited breath...

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