Friday, 23 August 2013

Picture of the Day: Fake Sky

If you can't get a clear blue skies, a billboard in Tsim Sha Tsui does the trick
Although it rained heavily this morning, the last few days have been really hazy.

So much so that the air pollution index was up to 167 in some areas, and even up to over 180 in Central.

The haze was blamed on Typhoon Trami that hit Fuqing in Fujian province yesterday and weakened into a tropical storm.

Not quite kosher, but better than the real thing...
As a result tourists took advantage of a billboard showing a crystal clear Hong Kong skyline along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.

It was erected by the Architectural Services Department to cover a construction site along the Avenue of Stars.

While it makes a nice backdrop for tourists, you have to wonder if the contrast is a good thing...


  1. After the weeks (months?) of wonderful clear air and blue sky days, it was sad to see Hong Kong through a polluted prism once more. I really wish Hong Kongers could be more appreciative and protective of the environment -- the lack of care and appreciation is something it seems they share with Mainlanders... :S

    1. Hi YTSL -- I have to agree with you on this! The idling ban is useless and then people using way more water than the global average...

      Hong Kong can be so progressive in some ways and then completely backwards in others...