Friday, 9 August 2013

Picture of the Day: Potty Training

Check out the built-in kiddie toilet seat!
We mentioned the other day about a little girl urinating in the MTR, which makes you wonder if people are ever going to change their habits, particularly when they are in a different city.

The problem is that mainlanders consider Hong Kong as a part of China. It is, but it isn't. And it should be obvious to them that Hong Kong people do things a bit differently, but they think it's just like any other Chinese city...

Anyway yesterday we went into Elements in Kowloon station, which is heavily patronized by mainland shoppers and we were surprised -- nay impressed -- that the toilet seats had an extra seat for kiddies.

Pull the second seat down and it's small enough for them to sit on instead of sitting precariously on an adult seat and mothers anxiously holding onto their kids.

It's more comfortable for everyone and probably less of a mess for the cleaners.

Wonder if other Hong Kong malls are going to follow suit...


  1. it is a very good idea indeed. howcome no body thought about this over so many years?

    1. Hi gg

      You'd have thought... I've seen kiddie-sized toilets in some hotel washrooms, but this is definitely much more efficient and cost effective!