Saturday, 28 September 2013

Picture of the Day: Name That Building

The giant golden disc that will be forever known as "the copper coin"
After the debacle of the massive garden on the rooftop of a Beijing apartment building, we now have the case of a massive building in Guangzhou shaped like a giant disc, and it ain't pretty.

The 33-storey building cost 1 billion yuan to build and it was designed by Joseph Dipasquale, an adjunct professor at the Polytechnic of Milan, and the chairman of AM Progetti, an architectural firm based in Milan with offices in China.

According to the Yangcheng Evening News, the original design called for blue glass for the external walls, but the colour was deemed too outdated for Guangzhou and instead a gold hue was chosen, making the building look like a copper coin.

As a result many of the residents have dubbed the office building as "the copper coin", while others liken it to a giant caramel doughnut -- with a hole 47 metres wide.

However that's not the official name of the building.

There was a contest to name it, with the winner awarded 100,000 yuan. The winning entry? "Guangzhou Yuan Building".


It's like the Rem Koolhaas-designed futuristic CCTV building in Beijing that is affectionately known as "big underpants".

But at least it's a better name.

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