Thursday, 26 September 2013

Spoiled Convicted Offender

All in on the act -- Meng Ge, Li Shuangjiang and son Li Tianyi performing
It seems some spoiled children of China's super rich don't seem to learn from their mistakes.

Today the son of two celebrity singers for the Chinese military was convicted of rape and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Li Guanfeng, (previously known as Li Tianyi), 17, and four defendants met an 18-year-old woman surnamed Yang in a Beijing bar on February 17 and coerced her into a hotel room where they beat and sexually assaulted her.

Although Li pleaded not guilty in the trial last month saying he was drunk at the time, the court said he was the ringleader. Because he was a minor at the time, Li was sentenced to 10 years, while one of the other defendants is an adult and pleaded not guilty, was handed a 12-year sentence.

Sentences for rape in China usually range from three to 10 years, but in severe cases, such as gang rapes and causing serious injury or death can result in life in prison or even death.

Everyone in China was watching this case because Li is the son of Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge, who usually perform for the People's Liberation Army and in television galas. The public wanted to see what kind of treatment Li would get because privileged people seem to get special treatment in the courts.

People close to Li's family spread information about the victim and the owner of the bar to the media before the trial to discredit Yang's testimony, while Meng said before the verdict that the court should consider Yang was a bar girl -- which the court said later her profession had "no direct relationship" to the charges.

In the end Li received a severe sentence, as the court said he was the main culprit, as Li grabbed the woman's arm, dragged her into the hotel and was caught on the hotel surveillance camera hitting her head and face in the elevator.

The court then said Li demanded that she take off her clothes and when she refused, he slapped and kicked her, and then stripped off her clothes with another defendant. It said Li was the first to force sex on the woman.

Li's defense was that he was so drunk at the time that he passed out and so he could not remember details of the incident.

Despite his weak defense his family will appeal.

Where does Li get the idea that he thinks he can get away with anything even though he was caught once before?

In 2011 the then 15-year-old without a driver's license got behind the wheel of a BMW with no license plates when a couple's car blocked his way coming out of a driveway in a residential area in Beijing. Li and another young man who drove an Audi both got out of their cars and assaulted the couple, while they told shocked bystanders, "Don't you dare call 110 [tell the police]."

Li was sentenced to a year detention for his road rage.

Maybe this time he will get the message? And perhaps his doting parents should stop meddling and realize they contributed to his out-of-control behaviour?

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