Friday, 20 September 2013

Typhoon Talk

NASA's picture of Super Typhoon Usagi that could hit close to Hong Kong
All the talk in Hong Kong is about Super Typhoon Usagi possibly making landfall very close to the city on Sunday.

Meteorologists are saying Usagi could be the most powerful storm this year. Typhoon expert professor Johnny Chan Chung-leung, dean of the School of Energy and Environment at City University of Hong Kong, said Usagi could be just as powerful as typhoon Megi in 2010.

Currently it is on track to pass between Taiwan and the Philippines, and if Usagi doesn't hit a landmass before heading to Hong Kong, it could be one powerful storm hitting the city.

The Hong Kong Observatory's path prediction
Which is why everyone is constantly checking the weather observatory website to see if there are any changes in the prediction of Usagi's path.

But what they really want to know is, will it still hit on Sunday evening, or is it possible for it to come on Monday instead so people don't have to go to work?

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