Sunday, 22 September 2013

Typhoon Usagi Passing Hong Kong

Severe Typhoon Usagi made landfall over two hours ago in Shanwei, Guangdong, about 140km east of Hong Kong.

Right now I hear lots of wind howling outside, and in the elevator shaft.

As this typhoon is expected to be the worst in over 30 years, people got ready for Usagi, clearing out supermarket shelves and made a dash for the wet markets this morning.

Saturday night at Wellcome supermarket, it was very telling what was most important for Hong Kong people to stock up on. It wasn't water, milk, eggs, fruit or soft drinks, but bread.

The entire bread section was wiped out, and I should have taken a picture as proof.

But it's good to know Hong Kong people have their priorities in order.

For the most part the roads and public transportation were not busy, many people either out of town because of the Mid-Autumn Festival, or staying at home, worried that the Typhoon 8 signal would be raised in the afternoon.

I was planning to go watch a documentary about the Three Gorges Dam at the Hong Kong Film Archive in Sai Wan Ho this afternoon, but when I got there, there was a notice saying all screenings today were cancelled!

So I went back home, stopping off at my usual place to buy walnuts and almonds before heading back. By then it was 5.40pm and the wind was already blowing hard, forcing me to close my umbrella.

We are expecting Usagi to hang around until early morning before it heads further into Guangdong.

Why do typhoons always hit a) on the weekend and b) overnight so we have to work the next day?

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