Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dining in Tai Wai

Fung Lum's signature dish of stuff tofu that is panfried served with soy sauce
I just got back from dinner in Tai Wai with YTSL and another friend. Tai Wai is not a place I usually stop over in and so it was all new to me -- from the modern-looking, high-ceilinged KCR station to the pretty good restaurants in the area.

YTSL took us to a place called Fung Lum , a short walking distance from the KCR station.

It proudly displays its Michelin Bib Gourmand recommendation on the door for the past few years now... so is it that good?

The roast pigeon is highly recommended here
Inside it's a typical old-school restaurant, with old fashioned decor, like Chinese wood carvings at the back, the waiters are old men with attitudes and some regulars wash their bowls, cups, dishes and chopsticks with tea.

Of all the tables, ours was the smallest, as every other table seemed to have a large gathering or at least four people.

Luckily part of the menu is in English, but we knew what we wanted to order: Fung Lum is famous for its roast pigeon, and its signature tofu dish that is stuffed and pan-fried. We also asked for braised pomelo skin with shrimp roe, and kale with a variety of mushrooms.

Soon after we ordered, the pigeon arrived, cut into quarters complete with the head covered by a shrimp chip. The pigeon was delicious, very juicy and meaty.

A standard dish of kale with mixed mushrooms
Then came the tofu dish that we all enjoyed. The thick slices of tofu were quite meaty in themselves, stuffed with some shrimp paste and then panfried and served in a pool of light soy sauce.

Then came the kale with mushrooms that was straightforward and not too special. However the braised pomelo skin came out a bit flat, the colour was pale and tasted salty. The pomelo skin was sprinkled with shrimp roe after the pieces were placed on top of each on the the dish.

Braised pomelo skin is a good test of a restaurant, and while we applaud this place for making this labour-intensive dish, I've had better elsewhere.

Braised pomelo skin with shrimp roe
Nevertheless, there was nothing to complain about the bill which came to HK$483 for the three of us.

A table next to us ordered claypot rice with Chinese sausages and YTSL was pining after it. Next time!

Fung Lum Restaurant
45-47 Tsuen Nam Road
Tai Wai
New Territories
2692 1175


  1. I live in TaiWai and I haven't eaten there yet! If you go again, please give me a ring.

    1. HI Diana

      Sure! We'll contact you next time!

    2. You are very kind! I thought my comment was a bit whiny!

  2. As YTSL likes to say, with more people you can order more food!