Saturday, 12 October 2013

Picture of the Day: New Iconic

Christy Turlington strikes a pose in this billboard that tries to be iconic...
The misuse or abuse of words is rampant, particularly in Hong Kong.

In China, whenever something is described as "renowned", I avoided it like the plague.

And in Hong Kong, the favourite word is "iconic".

Everything is "iconic". Even a young actress or singer is "iconic".

How can they be "iconic" when they have just started their careers? Or are they foreshadowing something?!

The other day when I was in Causeway Bay I spotted this giant billboard as I crossed Hennessy Road from Sogo towards Times Square.

At first I noticed it was model Christy Turlington -- who still has a hot body at 44 in a sultry but uncomfortable pose modeling some lingerie.

And then I read the ad which says:

"Calvin Klein Underwear: Iconic new bras. Re-imagined for every woman."

But how can something iconic be new and vice versa?

Or shall we say it's ironic?

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