Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Sad Ending

The picture of the six-month-old baby that was released to the public
Several days ago on November 23 Hong Kong people were worried about the abduction of a six-month old baby in Kowloon City.

The mother claimed she was giving directions to a middle-aged woman with a mainland accent how to get to Wong Tai Sin MTR station when a man hurried past and apparently took the child. She said she continued for a while before she realized the baby was gone.

In the CCTV footage from the entrance to San Po Kong Mansion, about 45 minutes before the "abduction", there's a woman pushing a stroller, but the cover is down even though it is night time.

Also, there was no footage of the child from the surveillance cameras in the previous few days.

However last night the mother was arrested for illegal burial of a body.

The Hong Kong media was all over the abduction story
The mother allegedly told the authorities that she found the baby dead in her home, possibly from suffocation. She apparently disposed of the body in a violin case and then put it in the rubbish bin.

Not knowing how to tell the baby's father (who is already married and has three children), the mother then allegedly made up the story the child was abducted...

Tomorrow there are plans for the police to take on the grisly task of finding the child's body that was dumped in the massive Tsueng Kwan O landfill site. Not only do they have to figure out where exactly it was dumped, but also if it is a possible safety hazard for investigators to search the area.

More will be revealed about what exactly happened in the coming days, but the story has such a sad ending for everyone involved.

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