Saturday, 28 December 2013

Picture of the Day: Xi's PR Stunt?

Xi Jinping seated in the middle with local Beijingers today
I just saw this picture on my Twitter feed and had to pass it on.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was seen in Beijing's Qing Feng restaurant this morning ordering steamed buns and sitting down chatting with local residents.

The Twitter feed added there were few security personnel around.

Some speculate this is a public relations stunt to mimic US President Barack Obama who was photographed going out for pizza.

In any event it's intriguing to see Xi out in public like this, but more importantly, why?

Perhaps the last time he went out unofficially earlier this year he apparently took a taxi with another passenger and chatted with the driver.

But maybe this time he's hoping with the larger number of witnesses there would be no mistake he is in touch with the common people?

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