Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Lufsig Saga Continues

The Chief Executive's desk looks quite sparse for a man running Hong Kong
We have to give it to Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying for taking lemons and making lemonade.

After the Ikea stuffed toy wolf Lufsig was thrown at him on the weekend, Leung was shown on his blog yesterday posing with it on his desk. The wolf had the casual look going with its legs crossed and hugging the grandma.

"Today I am with a wolf on the desk," he wrote. "I realize that this toy has been very popular recently with heated offline sales and speculation online. This shows that Hong Kongers' creativity is boundless."

Yes - especially when it comes to protesting...

In any event Leung said the toy was a present for his daughter and a gesture of support for Unicef as part of the proceeds go to the international child welfare charity.

Oh and the crude Chinese name for the toy on the mainland? It was changed to 路副西 (lufuxi) from 路姆西 (lumuxi)... which is basically the c-word in Cantonese.

It's an excellent example of what is translated into Putonghua does not necessarily work in Cantonese...

In the meantime Hong Kongers have exercised their creativity and photoshopped Leung's picture...

Hong Kongers seem to have a lot of fun with this photo...

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