Friday, 31 January 2014

Horsey New Year Greetings

American Consul General Clifford Hart hanging out in a cha chaan teng
The US Consulate in Hong Kong has taken the opportunity to wish people a happy new year in the Year of the Horse.

Consul General Clifford Hart and his staff created a video that already has over 45,000 views.

In it a horse puppet named Hannah decides to go to from the United States to Hong Kong to offer herself as an alternative to green power.

She presents herself to the consulate's main doors where she is greeted by a security guard and then figuratively jumps through several interview hoops with various departments.

Hannah is questioned on how she can help each department and at the end of her pitch she adds "Did you know? It's my year -- the year of the horse!"

Finally she meets Hart and he uses the opportunity to show off his talent in speaking stilted Cantonese. A very good effort compared to most expats in Hong Kong, though Hannah responds back in English. He also likes to show that he likes to hang out with locals and eat egg waffles...

Might we add the British Consul General Caroline Wilson speaks pretty good Cantonese too in her video (over 26,000 views), though I hear she's better at speaking Putonghua...

She's more serious in tone with a few horsey metaphors in her speech, but we appreciate these diplomats for making an effort to bridge the cultural gap.

Will we see Hannah the Horse puppets available anytime soon?


  1. You've actually linked to last year's video from the British Consul General. There are two this year:

    1. Hi gweilo8888 -- Thanks for pointing out the mistake! You're right!