Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pictures of the Day: Flabby Buddhas

The rolling flesh of these naked Buddhas led to complaints to take them down
Competition is stiff these days which is why companies on the mainland try to differentiate themselves from others with a gimmick or two to catch people's attention.

In the case of a hot pot restaurant in Jinan, Shandong province, there were two giant statues of what looked like naked and chubby Buddhas clambering on top of the roof of the building.

They looked like Buddhas because of their long earlobes but also one of them had his hands clasped in prayer.

But did they have to be butt naked? And really fat?

From a distance they're eye-catching, but stark naked?
"I burst into tears when I saw naked Buddha's climbing over the wall! How can a nation with thousands of years of history have so little respect for its own culture?" a monk from a monastery in Qinghai wrote on his microblog.

Monks microblog?

In any event, the building's developer issued a statement saying the two figures were just "two happy fat people".

But now, as the statement adds, the two sculptures have been taken down due to "defects".

Because they lacked clothing, perhaps?

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