Sunday, 5 January 2014

Pictures of the Day: Pacific Spirit Regional Park

It's fun wandering through this forest!
During my visit in Vancouver I have been regularly going to Pacific Spirit Regional Park for walks. It's great to wander in the giant forest and feel like you're communing with nature.

Lots of moss and fungus growing on trees
It's 763 hectares of forest and foreshore that stretches from the neighbourhood of Point Grey to the University of British Columbia. The park even touches the Fraser River, the Strait of Georgia and Burrard Inlet. My brother even suggested that it is more than twice the size of New York's Central Park.

After some Googling, I see he's correct. 763 hectares is 1,885.41 acres compared to Central Park's 778 acres, so Pacific Spirit Regional Park is 2.4 times the size of the Big Apple's park, though many of the forested areas don't have paths.

Once you enter the park there are many routes to choose from, each with different names such as Imperial, Hemlock, Admiralty, Salish and Camosun. For the most part the trails are flat, only a few have an incline that isn't impossible to walk up.

A mini tree growing within a dead one...
The trees are very tall and covered in lots of moss and in many cases fungus as well. It's a great place to photograph trees though we have yet to find any creatures inhabiting the area.

The other fun aspect of this place is encountering the dogs that are walked here by their owners. The canines love the park because of the natural paths and in many areas they can freely roam and investigate with their sharp noses. They also seem to like to approach me...

The neon-green moss brightens up the path
We also love the fact that we can breathe in fresh oxygen! Coming from Hong Kong, walking through the park is a wonderful way to get a boost of clean air. Too bad I can't transport it back to Hong Kong. It's also the complete antithesis of the city -- pretty much in my backyard.

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