Saturday, 1 February 2014

Golden Chickensss has the Last Laugh

Sandra Ng (left) with her enhanced chest and two of her call girls...
This afternoon I followed YTSL's tradition of watching Hong Kong-made Chinese New Year movies. She enjoys them very much so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

We saw probably what she reckons was the best of the lot -- Golden Chickensss (金鸡sss) starring Sandra Ng Kwan-yu. It's the third in the Golden Chicken series, a euphemism for prostitute, which is Ng's character, Ah Kam or 阿 金.

The previous two movies talk about her life as a prostitute in Hong Kong and this one, 10 years after Golden Chicken 2 was made, sees Kam now a mamma-san, running a relatively successful call-girl business.

She has several mobile phones helping her clients "book meetings" and "board rooms" for rendez-vous with her girls. At the same time she has to make sure these high-class hookers are beautifully made up and go to their clients on time.

But it's tiring work and she wants to find out how to make more money -- don't we all? So on the tip of an ex-client, she goes to Japan to find out how brothels are run there with a hilarious scene with Wyman Wong making an appearance as the Blowjob King... Kam also discovers the realities of dealing with Japanese fetishes that include smelling the armpits of a stinky man...

In the meantime there's a side story of a gangster lover called Gordon who is finally released from jail, but because he's been locked up so long he doesn't realize that times have changed -- a lot.

People aren't beating up rivals to claim back turfs like they did in the 1980s and 1990s -- instead they are focused on doing whatever it takes to make a living, from prostituting themselves to procuring Hermes bags for clients' wives to scalping concert tickets.

In one scene Gordon is out on a "job" protesting against the government, but his underling is on the other side supporting the ruling administration at a rally. Gordon gets mad at him and tries to beat him up -- but his "younger brother" tries to explain that one shouldn't take sides seriously -- everyone's just showing up because they'll get paid.

One character figures out the most cost-effective way to make a living -- be a Legislative Councillor, show up at a few meetings and then five minutes later start throwing things at the chief executive so you get hauled out -- for HK$80,000 a month. Pretty good salary for not much work, right?

The movie isn't meant to be completely polished, while the cameos by celebrities are quite funny -- and apparently even funnier if you've watched all three Golden Chicken movies.

Golden Chickensss wasn't completely brainless entertainment -- it does have some poignant scenes and puts things into perspective -- in a farcical way.


  1. Glad you gave Hong Kong movies a chance, and enjoyed your viewing of "Golden Chickensss".

    One small correction: It wasn't Chapman To playing the blowjob king but Wyman Wong instead. (Chapman To was the surgeon who preferred women with small breasts.)

    BTW, the following is a review of the first "Golden Chicken" that my friend Brian wrote:-

    Maybe reading it might make you want to check out the original "Golden Chicken"?

    1. Hi YTSL -- Thanks for pointing out the error -- have corrected it!