Friday, 21 March 2014

Picture of the Day: Affordable Art Fair

A refreshing sip of Coke before resuming an artful pose
The Affordable Art Fair kicked off today for the public and after work I made a quick visit before heading to dinner.

Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, we had to walk quite a ways to get there.

While it's not nearly as big as Art Basel, there was lots to see and I only saw a fraction of it. The whole point of the fair is to showcase art that is under HK$100,000 and so they would be definitely pieces you'd put on your wall or home (as some as sculptures).

Exhibitors represented artists from around the world, mostly Europe and Asia, and local artists were out in force.

When we arrived the Arty-Licious Evening started and there was a hip hop dancer doing his break-dancing moves to a captive audience. There was also a live art demonstration by Emma Hack who did some body painting.

We caught Hack and her model just as they were taking a break, with the artist helping the model sip some Coke before continuing her pose.

If you're looking to start your collection or decorate your walls, check it out. Until Sunday.

Affordable Art Fair
Until March 23
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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