Sunday, 6 April 2014

Picture of the Day: Parrot Walking

An encounter with a parrot along Victoria Road
This morning we woke up to an overcast day that threatened to rain and it did by lunchtime.

So we grabbed the opportunity to take another walk along Victoria Road again. This time we walked all the way to West Island School and back in about an hour which was pretty good.

On the way back home, we saw a kite, a predatory bird circling above us and then when we looked back at eye level we encountered a woman with a white parrot on her arm and pointing out the kite to it.

We stopped and chatted with the woman, possibly in her 60s with long hair and thick glasses. She tried to coax the domesticated bird to talk, as she boasted he would argue with her and tell her off.

Babagu was shy and wouldn't speak to us
But he refused to speak and she chastised him for being shy.

We asked how long she'd had him and she replied four years, and that his name was Babagu, apparently Indonesian for parrot.

She refused to let us take her picture with her pet, so we just took a snap of Babagu instead in all his shyness...

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